Spring Steps Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our Spring Steps Challenge, which ended on May 31, 2022!

Thank you for committing to your health and team spirit during the Steps Challenge. We hope you plan to keep stepping on through the summer! Mark your calendars for our Fall Steps Challenge, which will run September 19 – October 31, 2022.

April 25, Team Challenge Day
Local 80 Detroit Members
David Hartsuck, Scott Lewis, Ron Maynor
Tim Mulligan, Brittany Shumaker

April 27, 100,000 Step Challenge Day
Derek Wickstrom

May 10, 250,000 Step Challenge Day
Stephen Weichert

May 31, 400,000 Step Challenge Day
Blaze Clymer

May 31, Best Overall Team Total Award
Local 80 Detroit Members
David Hartsuck, Scott Lewis, Ron Maynor, Tim Mulligan, Brittany Shumaker

May 31, Category Grand Prizes

Beginner 100 – 300,000 Steps

Christopher Stone
Ryan Rodriguez
Harold Owles
Christy Foley
Ally Dumas
Patricia Hoffman
Cam Lowe
Norman Wong
Travis Horn
James Armstrong

Intermediate 300,001 – 500,000 Steps

Joseph Lobrac
Colton Chilvers
Kelly Williams
Roger Weber
Mike Skrypnyk
Paul Pimentel
Adrian Sandoval
Dylan Jones
Frank Combs
Julianna Price

Advanced 500,001 – and above

Joseph Eastmen
Scott Lewis
Elfren Reinaldo Torres
Denis Menges
Mary Keller
Ron Maynor
Justin Forro
Eric Peterson
Thomas Eastman
David Abraham Jr.

Million Step Club

Joseph Eastmen – 1,705,178 | Scott Lewis – 1,488,590 | Elfren Reinaldo Torres – 1,442,438
Denis Menges – 1,324,134 | Mary Keller – 1,302,688 | Ron Maynor – 1,270,219
Justin Forro – 1,148,862 | Eric Peterson – 1,108,405 | Thomas Eastman – 1,104,270
David Abraham Jr. – 1,091,593 | Gary McCusker – 1,061,670

Grand Prize Raffle: Fit Bit Charge 5

Advanced Level: Eric Peterson
Intermediate Level: William Stephens
Beginner: Christina Bayaniyan


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