Keep these requirements in mind to ensure our logo always looks its best.

The SMOHIT logo must be present on all branded pieces. The SMOHIT branding must act as a secondary brand to the MAP branding.

The icon and/or tools Icon may also appear on their own for branding elements on marketing materials.

The SMOHIT and MAP logos exist as a horizontal logo.
The SMOHIT and MAP logos are made up of an icon and wordmark.


Light Green
CMYK (Print):
RGB (Digital):
HEX (Web):

Dark Green
CMYK (Print):
RGB (Digital):
HEX (Web):

CMYK (Print):
RGB (Digital):
HEX (Web):

Imagery & Branding Usage/Examples:

Do: Use only approved logo assets

Don’t recreate the logo.

Do: contrast with the background

Make sure the logo reads clearly and has sufficient contrast with a background color or photo.

Do: use CMYK values when printing

Make sure CMYK color values are used when printing with the SMOHIT and MAP brand to ensure proper colors.

Don’t: Change the color

Our logo likes to stay LinkedIn blue, black, or white. Don’t fill it with a pattern or a photo.

Don’t: Modify the logo

The LinkedIn logo should never be redrawn, distorted, rotated, or added to.

Don’t: Add effects

Drop shadows, bevels, gradients, and strokes don’t mix with the LinkedIn logo.


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