Available 24/7 at 877-884-6227 to members and their families throughout the United States and Canada.

Free, confidential, voluntary

When to call? Call for just about anything that gets in the way of you being your best self.

Call 877-884-6227

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SMOHIT Helpline

Examples of problems people call about:
  • Grief, trauma and loss
  • Alcohol and other drug issues
  • Depression and suicidal thoughts, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety, fears
  • Family, including relationships with spouse/partner/family of origin issues, parenting concerns, aging parents/caregiving fatigue
  • Work issues, including coping with difficult people/bosses, work stress/deciding when to retire
  • Stress related to debt

The SMOHIT Helpline is a unique and personalized mental health service for our members and their families, operated by Jeremy Holburn with assistance from a variety of mental health professionals. Although the Helpline is available 24/7, it is possible that when you call you may be prompted to leave a message, most likely due to our therapists helping other members. In most cases you will receive a callback within a three-hour window. Please be patient and if you are experiencing an emergency, consider one of the other numbers below.

  • 911 for all medical emergencies
  • 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline
  • Your local union’s leadership and/or employee assistance program