Spring Steps Challenge included cancer survivors, retirees

This spring’s Steps Challenge brought out sheet metal workers and their families to walk together in the name of health, health challenges won and a little friendly competition.

Ron Maynor, a Million Steps Winners member from Local 80 in Detroit, took up the Steps Challenges to deal with health issues. He and his daughter survived cancer surgery and treatments, and they completed the Philadelphia Marathon in November 2021 following those health scares.

“My daughter’s surgery was in 2020, and I had two surgeries in 2019, including the removal of a rib because my thyroid cancer was metastatic to my chest wall,” Maynor said. “It was very special to us to run the marathon.”

Elfren Reinaldo Torres, a retiree from Local 28 in New York, enjoys the health benefits in addition to the friendly competition the challenge brings, even if it’s with himself.

“I did my first challenge in fall 2020, after retiring in June 2020,” he said. “After I started walking, I started on a fitness regimen. I wanted to get in shape and lose weight. I lost 50 pounds in the first year.”

Torres noted he walks daily, even after the Steps Challenge is over, but that the challenge gives him a “little bit more incentive” to keep up the habit.

“It’s part of my daily routine to walk every day, and I make it part of my training,” he said. “I do go a little harder for the 45 days of the challenge. I do all my steps in the morning.”

He said most of the time he walks by himself, but walks with a partner a couple of times a week, and he’s made a whole new set of friends at the park.

“It’s all lovely,” he added. “I am on pension now, and I want to enjoy it. It has become a nice lifestyle in my retirement. I look forward to it.”

Although he loves the idea of competition, he doesn’t make himself crazy by checking the leaderboard daily during the challenge.

“I don’t look at the leaderboard,” he said. “In the beginning, I check and make sure that my steps are being recorded and then look at it after it’s over — I’m just challenging myself, I don’t worry about what other people are doing.”

Richard Da Costa, an organizer with Local 30 in Scarborough, Ontario, had health goals associated with his steps and enjoyed the challenge. A member of the Million Steps Winners, he completed his first Steps Challenge just last year.

“I found it very interesting. I liked the competitive aspect, and I liked being challenged,” he said. “I had some health goals, too. I really wanted to get back into shape after a long winter in Canada. The first week was especially challenging. I had to get my health back up to speed. Then, I got a little bit competitive.”

Da Costa said he only had one friend participating with him this time but when his other friends found out that he was doing it, they were enthusiastic about participating with him next time.

“I will have a lot more friends with me next time,” he said. “I was really happy to win the gift card and the nice certificate. I put my certificate up on the wall. It was so nice to receive it.”

This spring’s Steps Challenge winners are:

100,000 Step Winner
John Riegler – Local 36, St. Louis

200,000 Step Winner
Kelly Williams – Winning Walkers

400,000 Step Winner
Adam Smith – Local 85, Atlanta

Team Day Challenge Winners – Local 80, Detroit

  • Amanda McBride
  • Brittany Shumaker
  • David Hartsuck
  • Jay Petit
  • Luke LaRoy
  • Michael Petit
  • Randy Harding
  • Rebecca Hutsell
  • Ron Maynor
  • Scott Lewis

Best Overall Team Award – Local 80, Detroit

  • Randy Harding
  • Ron Maynor
  • David Hartsuck
  • Amanda McBride
  • Rebecca Hutsell
  • Jay Petit
  • Luke LaRoy
  • Michael Petit
  • Scott Lewis
  • Brittany Shumaker

Raffle Top 10

100 to 300,000 Steps

  • Robert Harris – Local 33, Toledo, Ohio
  • Michael Dumas – Local 28, Long Island, New York
  • Lilly Weickert – Local 28, Long Island, New York
  • Priscilla Garcia – JATC Lobos
  • Erick Corona – Local 49 Roadrunners, New Mexico/West Texas
  • Erick Navarrete – Sunny Days 32
  • Chelsea Reese – SMART Local 85 JATC, Atlanta
  • Andrew Cook – Local 55 JATC, Pasco, Washington
  • Jerry Hovarter – SMART Local 124, Oklahoma City
  • John Ekleberry – Local 33, Toledo, Ohio

Raffle Top 10

300,001 to 500,000 Steps

  • Brandon Duhon – Local 88 JATC, Las Vegas
  • Charlene Morrison – Local 359, Arizona
  • Michael Harris – ITI
  • Elizabeth Passanha – ITI
  • Iris Ruiz – JATC Lobos
  • Danny Villarruel – Sunny Days 32
  • Julianna Price – Local 33, Toledo, Ohio
  • Tristan Bocci – Independent
  • Vanessa Caballero – Local 49 Roadrunners, New Mexico/West Texas
  • Rebecca Hutsell – Local 80, Detroit

Raffle Top 10

500,001+ Steps

  • Danny Gonzalez – Local 28, Long Island, New York
  • Chris Stone – Local 25, Carlstadt, New Jersey
  • Cody Gonzalez – Local 49 Roadrunners, New Mexico/West Texas
  • Dale Clark – Local 24, Columbus, Ohio
  • Ryann Lyons – Local 359, Arizona
  • Courtney Jones – Local 88 JATC, Las Vegas
  • Thomas Morrison – Local 359, Arizona
  • Mike Garber – Local 22, Toledo, Ohio
  • Julio Del Rio – Local 28, Long Island, New York
  • Jim Vestal – Local 33, Youngstown, Ohio

Fitbit Winners

  • Yvette Munoz-Centeno – National Pension Fund
  • Ed Abraham – Local 88 JATC, Las Vegas
  • Glenn Armstrong – Local 49 Roadrunners, New Mexico/West Texas

Million Steps Winners

  • Scott Lewis – 1,507,836 steps – Local 80, Detroit
  • Elfren Reinaldo Torres – 1,449,747 steps – Local 28, Long Island, New York
  • Ron Maynor – 1,364,199 steps – Local 80, Detroit
  • Michelle Rice – 1,332,957 steps – Local 28, Long Island, New York
  • Dennis Menges – 1,221,593 steps – SMART TD Local 933, Jefferson City, Missouri
  • Richard Stoltenberg – 1,120,116 steps – JATC Lobos
  • Richard Da Costa – 1,113,286 steps – Local 30, Scarborough, Ontario
  • David Abraham Jr. – 1,098,224 steps – Local 88 JATC, Las Vegas
  • Will Jensen – 1,060,458 steps – SMART Steppers 66, Local 66, Western Washington
  • Jay Petit – 1,040,957 steps – Local 80, Detroit
  • Michael Petit – 1,028,430 steps – Local 80, Detroit
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