Goals met during Fall Steps Challenge

SMART members took 21,717,860 steps toward better health during the 2022 Fall Steps Challenge, held from Sept. 19 through Oct. 31.

Top walkers included Giselle Sanchez, from Local 49 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who reached the 400,000-step goal, while Dylan Jones, from Local 88 in Las Vegas, topped the 250,000-step goal and Lorena Hayden, from Local 104 in the Bay Area, completed over 100,000 steps.

All participants committed to the challenge and many reached their goals, including those who made the Million Step Club. Check them out below and don’t forget to register for the Spring Steps Challenge, which is running now through May 31.

Team Day Challenge Winners (Local 28, New York)
Leo Arocho
Clement Bailey
John Barbera
Michael Barbera
Tristen Bocchi
David Bracero
Sean Burch
Crystal Burris
Jerri Catalanotti
Jeffry Colon
Victor Corella
Santiago Criollo
Julio Del Rio
Cindy Doyle
Ally Dumas
Arianna Dumas
Dinorah Dumas
Michael Dumas
Robert Dumas
Natalia Evangelista
Rose Evans
John Falvey
Juan Fernandez
Gonzalo Fuentes
Brenda Gallagher
Rodrigo Gaviria
Danny Gonzalez
Israel Gonzalez
Jimmy Hanretty
Anthony Hernandez
Ray Liao
Dennish Mahoney
Gary McCusker
Carey Mercer
Norma Montovio
Ashaun Mosley
Michael Pegano
Jerwin I. Ramirez
Christopher Rivera
Robert Rizzi
Haley Rolle
Joe Sheirer
Bryan Spindell
Deric Spindell
Jessica Spindell
Michelle Spindell
Louie Sy
Marvin Tavarez
Elfren Reinaldo Torres
Christopher Weickert
John Weickert III
Lily Weickert
Lisa Weickert
Stephen Weickert
Sylvester Wright

Best Overall Team (Local 80, Detroit)
David Hartsuck
Rebecca Hutsell
Scott Lewis
Ron Maynor
Bryan McConnell
Jay Petit
Michael Petit
Brittany Schmaker

Raffle – Top 10 Beginners (100-300,000 steps)
Donald Larson
Tony Flores
Jessica Spindell
Osvaldo Covarrubias
Derec Spindell
Joe Potesta
Craig Wagner
Dinorah Dumas
Ed Vecchio
Jeff Bradley

Raffle – Top 10 Intermediate (300,001-500,000 steps)
Julie Geisler
Cassidey Badessa
Mike Nesbitt
John Weickert III
Luke Casper
Danny Villarruel
Christopher Weickert
Tia Canty
Matt Vallis
Douglas Vinitsky

Raffle – Top 10 Advanced (500,001 steps and above)
Thomas Eastman
Francis Jones
Forest Crocker-Solis
Jeremiah Kosmach
Jennifer Curran
Randy Young
Iris Ruiz
Dakotah Wuelfing
Brandy Mixon
Al Blanco

Million Mile Winners
Scott Lewis, first place
Joseph Eastman, second place
Mary Keller, third place
Thomas Eastman, fourth place
David Abraham Jr., fifth place
Elfren Reinadlo Torres, sixth place
Jay Petit, seventh place
Randy Young, eighth place
Richard Stolenberg, ninth place
Ron Maynor, 10th place
Dennis Menges, 11th place
Francis Jones, 12th place

Grand Prize Raffle: Fit Bit
Beginner: Jaime Hickman, Local 124, Oklahoma
Intermediate: Mark Peterson, Local 18, Wisconsin
Advance: Richard Hidalgo, Local 67, Texas

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