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Course Objective:
“Through specific, step by step safety instruction on how to create a piece of ductwork, teach that safety is a skill.”

Life Of A Duct is designed to show safe work practices through the process of building a piece of square duct. The program is broken up in two sections: Duct Fabrication and Duct Installation.

Duct Fabrication includes all of the steps required to fabricate and ship a section of rectangular duct, from the time the raw materials arrive to the shop, until the finished products are loaded for shipment. There are 8 topics in Duct Fabrication including: Receiving Coil, Loading Coil Line, Coil Fed Plasma, Beads and Connections, Duct Brake, Joining and Finishing, Assembling, and Loading.

Duct Installation includes all of the steps required to connect a VAV with supplu plenum to a run of duct, from the time the bundled sections arrive to the site, until the time the duct is wrapped with insulation. There are 6 topics in Duct Installation including: Materials Handling, Preparing to Work at Heights, Hangar Installation, Loading the Duct Lift, Installing, and Insulating.
Approximate Course Duration: 2hrs 30mins

  • Duct Fabrication - Steps 1 through 8 - Hazard Controls (Download)
  • Duct Installation - Steps 1 through 6 - Hazard Controls (Download)
  • Duct Fabrication and Duct Installation - Key OSHA Search Terms (Download)
  • Answer Tracking Worksheet (Download)

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