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Prizes and Ability Levels

We want everyone to participate in the SMOHIT 2018 STEPS Challenge, and now we have ability level categories designed to keep the STEPS Challenge fun and challenging for all.

Prizes will be awarded in three categories of ability level “Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced”.

  • Beginner – 100 to 250,000 steps
  • Intermediate – 250,001 to 500,000 steps
  • Advanced – 500,001 and above

We will also have prizes for the top ten participants in each ability level, as well as raffles for milestones, stories, and photos of your team!

Important Challenge information


All teams must consist of at least four (4) participants by March 31st, 2 weeks after start of the challenge.  However you can still participant as individuals.

Ways To Win

April 1

Last day to register for STEPS Challenge

The first 200 individuals who register and reach 30,000 steps will receive the official SMOHIT STEPS Challenge T-shirt

$50 gift card raffle – all who reach 100,000 steps are eligible

 April 7

$25 Gift Card Team Challenge: To the team with the best one day average of steps taken

 April 15

$75 gift card raffle – all who reach 250,000 steps are eligible

April 28

Submit Team picture in new SMOHIT STEPS T-Shirt (Orange) – $25 gift card for each team member pictured
Email to

April 30

$100 gift card raffle – all who reach 400,000 steps are eligible

“Best Overall Team” Total Award (Team average steps)

Trophy to display at your hall and fitness related book for each team member

$25 Gift Card “Most Improved Stepper” – 10 Winners!

Prizes for Top 10 steppers (by Ability Level category)

Top Prize #1 for all categories (Advanced Level, Intermediate Level, Beginner): Trip to the 2019 Safety Champion Conference and a $100 Gift card

# 2-3: $75 Gift Card

# 4-6: $50 Gift Card

# 7-10: $25 Gift Card

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