STEPS Challenge Final Results – September 15 – October 31, 2017

/STEPS Challenge Final Results – September 15 – October 31, 2017
STEPS Challenge Final Results – September 15 – October 31, 20172018-05-02T13:57:55+00:00

STEPS Challenge Sept 15-Oct 31, 2017 Timeline of Winners

(Individual can only win 1st place in any category one time, but are eligible to win in all other categories, higher levels and raffles)

Timeline EventIndividualTeam Name Steps Walked
100K steps by Sept. 30 (Raffle)Patricia Smith
250K steps by Oct. 15 (Raffle)Jeff Wells
Team Average Cumulative Steps on Oct 15, 2017Local 04920354
400,000 steps by Oct. 31 (Raffle)Mark TaylorLocal 9435758
Highest Top 25 Stepping Individuals (25 winners)
Smith ZacharySMART Local 20 Training2004623
James DarrellLocal 0491744353
Pennebaker JohnLocal 0491648319
Kemper KeithLocal 0181640392
Krocka RandallSMOHIT Office1584357
Harmon KrisLocal 0361443404
Hansen Brad Local 0181058714
Knocke ScottLocal 0181016077
Menges Dennis Team CR955417
Ross Kendricks MaryNPF Office935630
Wilcox RobertLocal 435934906
Kelly Jackie Local 033882817
Wagner CraigLocal 018876293
Lafave MichaelLocal 010872488
Seppi HeidiNPF Office851661
Bringle KenLocal 004819804
Price ChadLocal 010798299
barbera johnTeam CR751319
Arms Jerry Local 049737412
Williams WarleneNPF Office736637
Reasons RayLocal 036733599
Zutten PaulLocal 73722874
McNew Mechelle Local 464721284
Allen WilletteSASMI671219
Smith jessicaNPF Office668627
Best Overall Team Average StepsLocal 049934948
Most Improved Stepper (10 winners)
Harmon KrisLocal 36
Bauer CarrieSMART Local 20
Seppi HeidiNPF Office
Kelly Jackie Local 33
Johnson BrandiLocal 18
Davis SabrinaNPF Office
Geisler RobertNPF Office
Hayes CharlesLocal 12
Thrash BlakeLocal 4
Zutten PaulLocal 73
Individual Challenge (Raffle): Stories, send the best photos, videos, and/ or stories and we will post on social media ( 1 winner)Victor Torreano Local 104

Individual Daily Steps Results

NameTeam NameSteps Walked
Smith ZacharySMART Local 20 Training2,004,623
James DarrellLocal 0491,744,353
Pennebaker JohnLocal 0491,648,319
Kemper KeithLocal 0181,640,392
Krocka RandallSMOHIT Office1,584,357
Harmon KrisLocal 0361,443,404
Hansen BradLocal 0181,058,714
Knocke ScottLocal 0181,016,077
Menges DennisTeam CR955,561
Ross Kendricks MaryNPF Office935,630
Wilcox RobertLocal 435934,906
Kelly JackieLocal 033882,817
Wagner CraigLocal 018876,293
Lafave MichaelLocal 010872,488
Seppi HeidiNPF Office862,285
Bringle KenLocal 004819,804
Price ChadLocal 010798,299
barbera johnTeam CR751,319
Arms JerryLocal 049737,412
Williams WarleneNPF Office736,637
Reasons RayLocal 036733,599
Zutten PaulLocal 73722,874
McNew MechelleLocal 464721,284
Allen WilletteSASMI671,219
Smith jessicaNPF Office668,627
Powell RodneyTeam CR647,319
Bradley JeffLocal 036629,008
Harris MichaelITI Staff605,659
Anderson KennethNPF Office599,652
Bringle Jr KenLocal 004595,181
Myres TimothySMART Local 20 Training589,604
Lingohr WendiLocal 033585,473
Nelson MichaelTeam CR568,915
Potesta JosephSMART Local 20 Training564,224
Gibbs TerryLocal 018563,504
Blunk CaroleLocal 435560,313
Brown RichTeam CR542,422
Shields MichaelLocal 012539,740
Gregory PeterLocal 004520,929
Horn LisaLocal 036518,730
Myers (NPF) TimNPF Office518,114
Cisneros JasonLocal 009516,141
Bauer MichelleSMART Local 20 Training516,114
Kelly LawrenceLocal 033508,154
Van Avery MarkITI Staff502,160
Shoemaker RichardSMACNA of Oklahoma Inc.499,059
Johnson BrandiLocal 018498,906
Elkins DebbieNPF Office485,100
Smith PatriciaNPF Office479,927
Hilleary ChrisLocal 435476,397
Bradley ChristinaLocal 036475,764
Frost KevinTeam CR469,682
Hayes CharlesLocal 012468,919
Serniotti StephenTeam CR465,426
Brutcher ShannonLocal 036463,478
Cummings DavidTeam CR452,719
Guenther BryanLocal 435450,559
Kelley DawnTeam American449,534
Thrash BlakeLocal 004449,392
Hardaway CharlettNEMIC Office446,993
Hovarter JoeyLocal 124444,801
Hoag BrentSMART Local 20 Training439,429
Taylor MarkLocal 009435,758
Bauer CarrieSMART Local 20 Training426,387
Hinterberger CaryLocal 071423,723
Passanha ElizabethITI Staff421,426
Elliott ChristinaSASMI419,972
Davis SabrinaNPF Office418,315
Wells JeffTeam CR415,658
Geisler RobertNPF Office413,346
Wood LoriNPF Office401,943
Stoltenberg RichardLocal 049397,419
Page JamesITI Staff392,318
Sim JaeSASMI391,071
Holzer DaveLocal 010389,749
Stewart RobertLocal 435384,434
Hollatz KurtLocal 018383,942
Baccus EliLocal 033377,802
Wagner JasonLocal 036373,291
Wiant ThomasLocal 033363,203
Krager CharlesTeam CR363,022
Ferguson JimmyLocal 004352,562
Lingohr BobbyLocal 033351,700
Todd JoshNPF Office349,514
Alexander MatthewLocal 435348,459
Bishop DonLocal 73342,935
Torreano VictorSLACKERS342,739
Gombos RandyLocal 033330,003
Canevari DennisLocal 104323,960
DelPriore DerekSMOHIT Office319,868
Fretz BradSLACKERS319,621
Tipton MichaelDayton305,105
COLEMAN RICKYSMART Local 20 Training299,552
McGuire RonITI Staff296,202
Lawrence LarryITI Staff296,034
Smith JuliaSMOHIT Office288,815
Hovarter BillyLocal 124287,617
Elliott KathyNPF Office286,338
Dumler JohnLocal 100285,274
Heiden CodyLocal 73281,347
Mills DavidLocal 104278,672
Cate-Provitt KeyraSMART Local 20 Training277,171
Vandiver BrandonLocal 036275,842
Green JesseLocal 435268,165
Ward BrandonNPF Office266,112
Shepherd GayleNPF Office265,424
Austin CharlesSMOHIT Office261,216
Couch LauraLocal 004261,081
McMichael DavidTeam CR259,756
Collins DavidITI Staff255,839
Howard LaRonNPF Office254,833
Monaghan ChrisLocal 033252,023
Jenkins EmanuelLocal 036243,820
Taylor JonathanLocal 036239,716
Slome BrianLocal 73238,090
Ward CrystalNPF Office231,579
Boseman CarminnNPF Office226,706
Yacovissi RachelNPF Office224,921
Smith AdamTeam CR219,612
Tomasi LauraTeam CR219,542
Watts JasonTeam CR212,408
Wansley MatthewSMACNA of Oklahoma Inc.211,017
Mooney MikeLocal 018201,960
Thorne MikeLocal 004199,202
Cherrry MattLocal 033197,886
Athas DonnyLocal 018196,819
Alishusky ToddLocal 033194,406
Kimbel JudyITI Staff194,214
Woodgate MichaelLocal 435178,979
Johnson GregLocal 435177,534
OBryan KaraTeam American176,139
Hoffman KennethTeam CR171,422
wilson stuLocal 018169,284
Musick ElizabethITI Staff166,325
Merrill AprilSMACNA of Oklahoma Inc.153,876
Gonzalez CodyLocal 049147,883
Hunt MarySASMI145,730
Fout LanceLocal 435137,058
Bauer MadisonSMART Local 20 Training124,537
Abril DionLocal 104119,549
Whited GregLocal 73116,847
Perdue RichardDayton107,616
Guenther RobertLocal 435104,131
oliver vondaSASMI100,789
Shaw WalterNPF Office91,731
Herges BlakeLocal 00489,110
Carr ChrisLocal 03688,212
OBryan KristyTeam American82,553
Armstrong PaigeTeam CR77,861 ScottLocal 01871,317
Erickson JeffreyTeam CR66,495
Caldwell SamuelTeam CR60,076
Rippy EdithSASMI51,985
Hickey KathySASMI49,313
Maness BrianLocal 03648,519
Thrash StephanieLocal 00439,141
Wippich DanielLocal 01830,359
Blose GregTeam CR23,782
Krebsbach GarrettLocal 01819,259

Team Daily Steps Results

Team NameAvg. Steps Walked
Local 049934,948
Local 010686,843
SMOHIT Office613,511
SMART Local 20 Training581,473
Local 009475,950
Local 018475,396
NPF Office434,542
Local 033404,312
Local 435379,905
Local 124365,229
Local 464360,642
ITI Staff343,050
Local 012329,619
Team CR315,969
Local 036305,643
Local 004302,397
SMACNA of Oklahoma Inc.287,984
Local 73280,019
Local 104240,727
Team American234,090
NEMIC Office223,497
Local 071211,448
Local 100142,637
Local 43576,869

Top Ten Oct. 15 Team Average Steps Results

TeamAvg. Steps Walked
Local 04920,354
SMART Local 20 Training16,547
Local 01016,046
NPF Office13,888
Local 01810,805
Local 03310,676
Local 4649,594
ITI Staff9,002
NEMIC Office8,327