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Training Resources Portal

Welcome to the SMOHIT Training Resources Portal (TRP), a brand new training resources database designed to meet the health and safety needs of sheet metal workers.

The tools and resources available on this portal are designed to help union instructors and members better understand important safety guidelines and regulations within the trade, and also to provide customized mobile tools that can be used both on and off the job site to help improve health and safety.

The first version of this portal includes: the Training Library, complete with training manuals, videos, and eLearning programs; a personalized and customizable Safety Calendar; the Fitness First App for improving health; and the one of kind Safety Checklist App for performing job site inspections.

A key feature of this portal is the versatility of it’s delivery platform in that the resources and tools provided can be accessed via smart phones, tablet PCs, lap tops, and more.

The SMOHIT Training Resources Portal is designed for sheet metal workers, by sheet metal workers.


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