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Upcoming SMART MAP Classes

Use the map below to find upcoming SMART MAP classes nearest you.

2021 SMART Online Education Department

SMART MAP Training:

COVID-19 continues to heighten the urgency for us, as union leaders, to maintain our own health and wellness so we can be there for our union members through these challenging times. This session will be led by licensed therapist Chris Williams out of Orange County CA. Chris will lead the group discussion that will be both a processing group as well as specific suggestions and tips to improve participants mental health. We encourage participants to attend ready to talk openly and honestly about mental health and the challenges we are all facing.

Available Classes:

    • September 17th, 2021 5-7pm Eastern
    • October 11th, 2021, 2-4pm Eastern
    • November 15th, 2021, 5-7pm Eastern
    • December 8th, 7-9pm Eastern

Welcome to Weed Country:

Many of our locals now find themselves in states where recreational and or medical marijuana are allowed under the law. As the list of states allowing the use of marijuana grows so do questions around its impact on our members and contractors.
This two-hour session will include relevant science and updated statistics to better help you navigate this new and often confusing landscape. This interactive session will be led by Ben Cort, our resident expert on cannabis and treatment. Ben will present for roughly half of the session and answer questions for the other half. Please be prepared to ask anything that is applicable to our members or that you are personally curious about.

Available Classes:

    • Sept 30, 2021- 10a to 12p
    • Oct 14, 2021- 3-5p
    • Nov 12, 2021- 5-7p
    • Dec 10, 2021- 2-4p



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