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SMOHIT has identified a leading asbestos litigation firm to assist in providing legal resource information. For more than 30 years, attorneys with Motley Rice have fought for workers, as well as their families, who have been harmed by asbestos exposure.Built upon advocating for the rights of workers, consumers, families and investors, Motley Rice is committed to seeking justice and fighting for clients in a broad range of socially-conscious causes in areas including:

  • anti-terrorism
  • securities and consumer fraud
  • aviation disasters and passenger rights
  • catastrophic personal injury
  • wrongful death
  • harmful medical drugs and devices
  • consumer protection

For more information about Motley Rice and asbestos exposure, visit http://www.motleyrice.com/litigation/asbestos-exposure or call the firm’s 24-hour asbestos hotline at 1.800.923.4237.


3180 Fairview Park Dr.
Suite 400
Falls Church, VA 22042