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Job Hazard Screenings

An asbestos screening is a medical evaluation and educational session for sheet metal workers who may have been exposed to asbestos. Find out when our Asbestos Screening Program will be visiting a location in your area.

The following SMOHIT health screenings are scheduled as of today’s date. All sheet metal workers who were initiated to journey-level status prior to January 1, 2001 and are on minimum dues (if retired) are eligible.



16 Locals | 24 Locations

LocalCity, StateLast Screening YearDateLocation
10Bismarck, ND2016
10Maplewood, MN2015
10Duluth, MN2015
10Rapid City, SD2016
10Fargo, ND2016
12Erie, PA2016
12Pittsburgh, PA2016
16Portland, OR2015
17Boston, MA2015
17Cranston, RI2015
17Hookset, NH2015
19Harrisburg, PA2016
19Philadelphia, PA2016
20Evansville, IN2016
20Fort Wayne, IN2016
20Gary, IN2016
20Indianapolis, IN2016
26Reno, NV2015
28Mineola, NY2016
28Jamaica, NY2016
36St. Louis, MO2015
36 Springfield, MO2015
44Wilkes-Barre, PA2016
46Rochester, NY2016
58Syracuse, NY2016
63Springfield, MA2015
66Seattle, WA2015
71Buffalo, NY2016
83Albany, NY2016
88Las Vegas, NV2015
110Lexington, KY2016
110Louisville, KY2016
112Elmira, NY2016
137Mineola NY (Sign Wkr)2017
270Tulsa, OK2014
293Honolulu, HI2016
399Columbia, SC2016
399Charleston, SC2016
2022 Screenings

16 Locals | 18 Locations

LocalCity, StateLast Screening YearDateLocation
1Peoria, IL2017
2Kansas City, MO2017
3Omaha, NE2017
29Wichita, KS2017
45Des Moines, IA2017
48Birmingham, AL2017
73Chicago, IL2017
85Atlanta, GA2017
91Rock Island, IL2017
218Springfield, IL2017
218Champaign, IL2017
219Rockford, IL2017
263Cedar Rapids, IA2017
265Carol Stream, IL2017
268Caseyville, IL2017
296Saskatoon, SK CAN2017
296Regina, SK CAN2017
441Mobile, AL2017
2023 Screenings

12 Locals | 35 Locations

LocalCity, StateLast Screening YearDateLocation
7Lansing, MI2018
7Grand Rapids, MI2018
7Flint, MI2018
7Iron Mountain, MI2018
7Traverse City, MI2018
9Denver, CO2018
9Colorado Springs, CO2018
18Fox Valley, WI2018
18Waukesha, WI2018
18Sheboygan, WI2018
18Madison, WI2018
18Racine, WI2018
18Appleton, WI2018
18Wausau, WI2018
18Janesville, WI2018
18Eau Claire, WI2018
23Anchorage, AK2018
23Fairbanks, AK2018
80Detroit, MI2018
103Butte, MT2018
103Cheyenne, WY2018
103Pocatello, ID2018
104Fairfield, CA2018
104San Jose, CA2018
104Fresno, CA2018
104Modesto, CA2018
104Sacramento, ca2018
104Ventura, CA2018
105Glendora, CA2018
105Bakersfield, CA`2018
206San Diego, CA2018
292Southfield/Detroit, MI2018
312Salt Lake City, UT2018
359Phoenix, AZ2018
359Tucson, AZ2018

13 Locals | 27 Locations

LocalCity, StateLast Screening YearDateLocation
4Memphis, TN2019
5Knoxville, TN2019
24Columbus OH2019
24Dayton OH2019
24Cincinnati OH2019
33Charlestown, OH2019
33Parkersburg, WV2019
33Wheeling OH2019
33Youngstown, OH2019
33Akron OH2019
33Toledo OH2019
33Cleveland, OH2019
49Albuquerque, NM2019
100Washington, DC2019
100Richmond, VA2019
177Nashville, TN2019
214New Orleans, LA2019
214Baton Rouge, LA2019
214Shreveport, LA2019
214Jackson, MS2019

11 Locals | 13 Locations

LocalCity, StateLast Screening YearDateLocation
15Tampa, FL2020
15Sanford, FL2020
22Union, Morris, Sussex and Somerset, NJ2020
25Northern NJ2020
27Farmingdale, NJ2020
32Miami, FL2020
32West Palm Beach, FL2020
40Hartford, CT2020
54Houston, TX2020
68Euless, TX2020
67San Antonio, TX2020
124Oklahoma City, OK2020
435Jacksonville, FL2020


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