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Welcome to SMOHIT Learn, a brand new Learning System designed to meet the health and safety needs of sheet metal workers.

The courses available on this Learning System are designed to help union instructors and members better understand and learn about important safety guidelines and regulations within the trade, and also to provide customized mobile learning experiences that can be used anywhere to help improve health and safety.

A key feature of this Learning System is the versatility of its delivery platform in that the resources and tools provided can be accessed via smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops, and more.

The SMOHIT Learning System is designed for sheet metal workers, by sheet metal workers.

Available Courses:

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Working in Extreme Temperatures

Every year, dozens of workers die and thousands more become ill while working in extreme temperatures, both extreme heat and extreme cold...


Lead Exposure Training

After completing this course, you should be able to describe sources of lead in the workplace, describe how lead can enter the human body...


ANSI A92 Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) Standards Updates

In this video series, we’ll take a look at the recent updates to the ANSI A92, Mobile Elevating Work Platforms standards...


Total Worker Health (TWH)

In this video series, which is based on guidelines presented in the NIOSH, “Total Worker Health” approach, and other “total worker health” best practices...


Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA)

If gone unchecked, combustible dust levels can quickly become hazardous and lead to dust explosions and fires, which can result in serious injuries...


Leading and Lagging Indicators

Leading and lagging indicators, what are they, and how are they used to help improve safety in the workplace?


Suicide Prevention Program

This program - Suicide Prevention - focuses on Suicide Prevention in the workplace. The topics covered in this program focus on three essential mental health treatment aspects...


SMOHIT SMART Member Assistance Program

The SMART MAP eLearning program includes both theoretical knowledge and practice of basic skills necessary for crisis interventions.


SMART MAP Peer Training Program

This course builds awareness around the national health epidemic of substance use disorder and other mental health problems...


Life of a Duct Online Course

Specific, step by step safety instruction on how to create a piece of ductwork, and teach safety is a skill.


SMART MAP: Red de Apoyo para el Trastorno por Abuso de Sustancias – Capacitación

Este curso está diseñado para crear conciencia sobre la epidemia de salud nacional de trastornos por uso de sustancias...


Job Hazard Analysis Program

Includes preplanning such as: Leading and Lagging Indicators, A Health and Safety Plan, Subcontractor Communication, JHA’s, and more.


Respirator Safety Online Course

Includes all content related to wearing respirators such as: Why Wear Respirators, Hazards, Types of Respirators, Inspection and Testing...


Seguridad del Respirador

Este curso incluye todo el contenido relacionado con el uso de respiradores, tales como: Por qué deben usarse, riesgos, tipos, inspección...


PPE Assessment Online Course

This course contains actual case studies and takes a close look at how workers can identify hazards and if he/she being properly protected.


Evaluación del EPP

Este curso contiene estudios de casos reales y analiza de cerca cómo los trabajadores pueden identificar los peligros...


Tool and Equipment Safety Vol 1 Online Course

Includes safety on the following: Angle Grinder, Bench Grinder, Circular Saw, Die Grinder, Drill, Drill Press, Foot Shear, Hack Saw...


Tool and Equipment Safety Vol 2 Online Course

Includes safety on the following: Plasma Cutter, Cutoff Saw, Hand-held Plasma Cutter, Hoists, Ladders...


Tool and Equipment Safety Vol 3 Online Course

Includes safety on the following: Fall Protection Equipment, PPE, Spade Drill, PortaBand, Leaf Brake, Loading Docks, Material Lift...


Injury and Illness Prevention Program

This course teaches the user how to identify workplace hazards. Once the hazard is identified, the course lays out how to evaluate, implement...


OSHA Hazcom Online Course

The SMOHIT Hazard Communication Program is based on 29 CFR 1910.1200 and explains Hazard Communication regarding chemicals and safety.


New Technologies in Fall Protection

This program is designed to introduce students to the new technologies in Fall Protection...


Mast Climbing Work Platform Awareness

This program provides an overview and the benefits of using mast climbing work platforms and identifies the most commons applications...


Nuevas Tecnologías en Protección Contra Caídas

Este programa está diseñado para presentar a los estudiantes las nuevas tecnologías en protección contra caídas.



Lockout/Tagout introduces students to the fundamentals of the requirements as described in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147...


NFPA 70E Training

NFPA 70E Safety Compliance Program contains three critical levels of training: Apprentice Level Training, Journeyman/Technician Level Training...


Medical Screening Program (90 Minutes Course)

The Medical Screening Program provides you with information that describes all of the illnesses that the program covers.


Safety Orientation 1

The foundation of an effective safety culture starts with Safety Orientation, an introduction to basic safety principles...


Safety Orientation 2

This program is designed to inspire a safety culture in the sheet metal industry from the management’s perspective.


Safety Orientation 3

Meet Larry and Joe – the two new safety supervisors! In this program Joe will discuss the different aspects of being an effective...

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