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SMOHIT STEPS Challenge Testimonials / Stories

What did you like best about the STEPS Challenge?
  • This was truly a challenge. I like the team atmosphere in the office each week encouraging each other
  • Seeing other members work out, trying to get more people to do this.
  • Gave is the ability to come together as a team. We helped eachother stay motivated.
  • Brings awareness to fitness
  • Motivation to get up and move!
  • Was motivating to compete not only with co-workers but people you know across the country.
  • Motivated me to walk!
  • The friendly challenge between the other Local’s
  • I liked the competition with fellow members and being able to see that so many other members were committed to improving their health
  • I liked the fact that you could see you total steps with everyone,especially teammates. That way you could give your teammates a hard time if they weren’t keeping up.
  • It was definitely motivating and I liked that it got me going for walks on almost a daily basis
  • Kept me thinking about an active lifestyle and bring competitive pushed me to walk more then I thought I could
  • Before I signed up for the steps challenge I wasn’t working out. I kept making excuses. When I signed up because my coworkers were I bought a fitbit and started going to the gym. I am still going to the gym 5 days a week.
  • The Challenge every day, also I was off work because I had surgery the walking helped me getting back to work faster plus I lost 20lbs
Please share any other feedback or stories about the STEPS Challenge
  • Had fun encouraging out apprentices to sign up and participate. Look foward to doing this again in the future!
  • Was a blast I can’t wait to have another one,  really got us out walking way more than before.  Next One I will take more serious from the start
  • What I liked about this Step Challenge is in stead of riding the lawnmower I used the push mower more to ensure I would meet my goal that day. Can’t wait for round two…Thank you again for doing this.
  • This is a great challenge! I really enjoyed our group using Snapchat, that way we could use a little humor and still get our steps in. After having a heart attack and 5 bypass surgery I started to walk for exercise everyday. Soon I was strong enough to run, something I haven’t done in over 20 years. Working hard during the day stepping at night.
  • During the challenge, I was told that I should not have to wait for a challenge to get to walking, that I should be self-motivated. My response was, I am self-motivated, but when more people are brought into the picture, I enjoy being closer to number 1 than not and that is a bigger motivation.
  • I was motivated because I could see where I was in comparison to other steppers…..so that kept me interested.
  • It was great I think I was the only railroader doing it, so this next Challenge I am going to send the email out to get more doing the Challenge
Kyle Mahler
9 months ago my wife and I were both morbidly obese. we changed our eating habits, and started excerising. we haven’t step foot in a gym. we have lost over 200lbs combined and are in the best shape of our lives in our 30s!!

Dawn Kelley
American Stainless Steel Corp

This is fun! The people on our TEAM are really enjoying sharing how good they feel and seeing the weight they’re loosing. Great Team Spirit.

Jason Wagner
local 36/ replacement crew/ Welsch

Encouraged me to be thoughtful about keeping moving all day long.

Victor Torreano
Local 104

The Challenge brought an awareness to just how much or little I was moving during the course of my day. It made me more conscious to make an adjustment, to be more physical.

Heidi Seppi

Good times……A lot of my walking was done after 9pm with a head lamp on and at least 2 glasses of wine before hand…good times!

Gayle Shepherd

This challenge is great. It has motivated me to get my steps in. I started later in the competition and I very happy that I have moved up to leader board.

Sabrina Davis

This STEPS Challenge was not only a friendly competition with my co-workers, but also a competition with myself. I wanted to do better than my last challenge.

Charles Austin

I enjoyed working on SMOHIT staff and WELLNESS AMPED on putting this program together walking. I also enjoyed walking with everyone around the country from the BA Conference at 5am for three day for 5 miles

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