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Health & Wellness

The four programs currently running are listed below.

STEPS Challenge:

An added benefit of SMOHIT membership is the opportunity to be apart of a little friendly competition —STEPS Challenge. The benefits of walking are extensive, you will want to experience it. Next STEPS Challenge will start March 15, 2019.

New Me. Know Me.:

New Me. Know Me.  is a campaign to help guide our members to optimal wellness. Four optional programs will be introduced from which members can select that will run in 8-week increments each to improve your health and overall well-being .


Maximize your health, minimize injuries, and be a safer you through this program. We remain committed to helping minimize on the job injuries with programs that stress the importance of exercise, physical fitness, tips for managing stress, minimizing fatigue and driving awareness about safety, on and off the job.


“Calm Me.” will educate on stress drivers and assist members with techniques and tools to lower stress levels for improved health. Program will start in November.


8403 Arlington Boulevard
Suite 100
Fairfax, VA 22031