Upcoming Screenings and Health Fairs

Dates and times are subject to change based on current Covid-19 conditions. All screenings will be subject to local and state ordinances.

Upcoming Dates

Local 17 –  August 27th and 28th
Local 63 – August 29th


Lung Cancer Screenings


  • Lung cancer is the #1 cause of death from cancer in the United States.
  • Low-dose chest CT scanning is a quick and simple medical test now available that can prevent deaths from lung cancer.
  • With low-dose CT screening, lung cancer is usually found at an early, curable stage
  • Without screening, the majority of lung cancers are found at a late stage, when a cure is unlikely.

SMOHIT now offers a low-dose chest CT (LDCT) scan to eligible sheet metal workers.

The purpose of LDCT screening is to find lung cancer at an early stage when it is treatable. This screening test is for individuals who are considered to be at an elevated risk for lung cancer, based on age, work history, smoking history and other risk factors.

The LDCT scan is painless, quick and free of charge to members.

To provide the LDCT, the Sheet Metal Occupational Health Institute Trust, Inc. (SMOHIT) will make arrangements with local radiology facilities. The timing of these arrangements will coincide with the schedule and invitation for the five-year SMOHIT physical exam.  Please note, however, you can call to express interest and see if you are eligible at any time.

View the calendar to see when your local’s next medical screening will take place. This also will tell you when, if eligible, you will be able to schedule your LDCT scan appointment at the radiology facility designated for your local area.

Also, if eligible, you can have the LDCT and participate in the routine SMOHIT exam, or you can have the CT scan without participating in the SMOHIT exam.

Upcoming Dates

Local 17 –  August 27th and 28th
Local 63 – August 29th


Asbestos Screenings

An asbestos screening is a medical evaluation and educational session for sheet metal workers who may have been exposed to asbestos.

All sheet metal workers who were indentured prior to January 1, 2002, and are on minimum dues (if retired) are eligible.

Legal Referral Program

Health Fairs

An effective health fair event should promote health wellness awareness for sheet metal workers and their families. The event should share resources, provide appropriate services, foster changes in wellness behavior, teach self-awareness practices, and provide assessment for past, current, and future health issues.